Pool Maintenance & Servicing

TNA Pool & Spa technicians are PH+A certified, licensed, and insured maintenance service (CMS) personnel! You can trust our team to do it right!

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Services Provided

❖ Standard service:

➢ Blow down deck
➢ Brush pool waterline
➢ Skim (net) pool surface
➢ Vacuum pool
➢ Clean skimmer and pump baskets
➢ Test water (spin lab every other visit)
➢ Treat water
➢ Digital report available after visit; physical report given if requested

❖ Optional services (as needed):

➢ Salt cell cleaning
➢ Filter backwash/cleaning
➢ Winterizing and summerizing pool
➢ Stain treatments

❖ Pool equipment repairs and retrofits:

➢ Pumps
➢ Heaters
➢ Filters
➢ Pool lights
➢ Auto covers
➢ Automation
➢ Handrails and ladders
➢ Leaks
➢ Salt water conversions

● No above ground pool servicing
● Commercial servicing coming soon…